7 exercises to lose belly fat

When you walk into a gym and asks its users what your goals are with practice exercises, we have the most varied responses, ranging from the simple act of losing a few pounds to more complex goals, how to reshape your body with muscles. But unanimity and the goal of many people in academia, especially the female audience is the search for a lisinha and healed belly without the unwanted fats, allowing the person to get off the street proudly displaying its defined silhouette.

Lose belly fat is not difficult, needing only discipline in diet and proper exercise. Talking about food is simple, where those who want to end the belly fat should cut out foods high in fats and sugars, including in your daily diet many fruits and vegetables, with colorful dishes and drinking plenty of water.

Regarding the exercises we can choose the best to lose belly fat, since there are numerous options that we find in the gym, which can cause many questions regarding the most effective practices to achieve the much desired plateau belly. Thinking of you who want to enjoy one piscininha or beach without embarrassment, separate the seven most effective exercises to lose belly fat, which coupled with good nutrition, will bring quick and perceptive results.

1 – Race

One of the main aerobic exercise, running, either on the treadmill or outdoors, it turns out one of the best exercises to lose belly fat. Acting directly on fat reserves, the exercise burns a lot of calories and results in the gradual disappearance of localized fat in the belly.

2 – Swimming

As well as running, swimming is an aerobic exercise. The advantage of this type of exercise is not only in burning of localized fat but also muscle synthesis. One of the biggest advantages of swimming to lose belly fat is the factor of not being a boring and exhausting exercise, being a very pleasant and even fun activity.

3 – Abdominal

A localized exercise that can be done in the gym or in the comfort of your home, abdominal is easy to do and does not need much space to be practiced. Abdominal can be done in several ways, with the aid of equipment and weights, and more than one position and may be released from the front or side. But the principle is always the same, which with fixed Peach on the floor, you should lift the breast to some extent, in a way that works abdomen.

4 – Bridge

This exercise is easy to perform and you can also make anywhere requiring little space to do so. As its name says exercise is basically to bridge with the body, where you will use your legs and back as a base. So you will still get up and down the bottom, which will make work with all the belly muscles.

5 – Solo Board

Easy and practical, this exercise will just need a bit of training for it to be done right. Lying on the floor and stretched, you should raise your legs to the top, in a way that forms an “L” with your body. At first it may seem a little difficult to keep your legs straight and unwrinkled knees, but with a little practice you managed to do this exercise is a great weapon to lose belly fat.

6 – Squat

Standeth take and position your arms stretched forward and go down slowly by bending your legs and without losing balance. The squat is an exercise a little hard to do at first, but certainly worth learning to be practiced, because their results in the abdomen are great.

7 – Dance to lose belly fat

We leave the dance last to be without doubt the easiest to practice, because you will lose belly fat without seeing, having a great time and giving loud laughter. If you feel difficulty in exercising and has been struggling with a stomach without fat, dancing is a great choice.