Alternative Prostate Cancer Treatment via Diet

Radiation, hormone replacement, and drugs are some of the more conventional methods of treating prostate cancer. More recently surgery has been suggested to prolong survival and check the spread of cancer outside the prostate gland. Alternative prostate cancer treatment approaches the problem from a different perspective. It attempts to control the disease by means of dietary changes, nutritional supplements, exercise, exposure to sunlight and fresh air, stress management, detoxification, and homeopathic treatment. Here we will concentrate on dietary changes and nutrition. Nutritional supplements are perhaps the easiest and most popular means of alternative prostate cancer treatment. These supplements include certain vitamins, minerals, enzymes, essential fatty and amino acids, and herbs. Vital vitamins include vitamin A, B3, C, and E. Amydalin or Laetrile is a special type of vitamin B available in supplements as well as in the form of tablets.

Some minerals have strong anti-cancer properties and are included in supplements. Minerals effective against prostate cancer include: selenium, calcium and magnesium, and small amounts of zinc and copper. Some trace minerals in colloidal form are included in alternative prostate cancer treatment via diet.

More Alternative Prostate Cancer Treatment Methods

Enzymes are important in food digestion. When taken between meals, certain enzymes show therapeutic functions especially against inflammation and the spread of cancer. In treating prostate cancer, pancreatic and plant-derived enzymes are used. Bromelain extracted from pineapple is an effective plant-based enzyme used in anti-cancer supplements. The most famous oral herb mixture is the Essiac, popularly sold under the brand name FlorEssence. It was introduced by a Canadian nurse Rene Caisse. Vitae Elixxir is another well known purple colored herbal mixture used extensively in anti-cancer supplements. Alternative prostate cancer treatment by diet tries to make a balanced proportion of essential fatty acids with flaxseed oil, or omega 3 fatty acids with primrose oil to act as anti-cancer agents.

Recommended Foods

Flavonoids are known for their anti-oxidant properties and are found naturally in citrus fruits, green tea, onions, soybeans, parsley, and red wine. Flavonoids are included in the list of effective anti-cancer agents. Foods particularly useful in treating prostate cancer include cartilage of shark or bovine fish, soybeans preparations, mushrooms, and many fresh vegetables rich in vitamin C.

Coenzyme Q10

Coenzyme Q10, also called ubiquinone, is a natural vitamin-like compound found in natural foods like beef, soy, mackerel, sardines, spinach, peanuts, soybeans and vegetable oil. Alternative prostate cancer treatment includes the intake of proper amount of Coenzyme Q10 either through diet or capsules.