For many women, menopause carries with it some uncomfortable changes and they are always looking for something to help reduce the symptoms. By consuming a daily dose of bee pollen, night sweats can be reduced and even eliminated in many cases.

What exactly are night sweats and what specifically causes them? They are common symptoms of menopausal women and can be mild to rather severe. More specifically, the adrenal glands go into overdrive so to speak and increase the production of sweat. They can really disrupt sleep patterns as well.

Hormonal changes are at the root of menopause and all women will experience the symptoms to some degree. In rare cases, pregnancy can also cause women to experience the sweating while sleeping issue.

The reason that bee pollen helps reduce night sweats is that a regular dose of this natural substance can help to balance the hormones, which in turn helps to stabilize the adrenal glands as well. The result is that you can have a much better sleep without waking from the night time over heating.

With public speaking, the majority of us understand that it’s one of the main reasons for panic attacks. It just scares everyone.

Other Benefits of This Natural Substance

One of the most common benefits of bee pollen supplements is that it provides a boost of energy. But, it does not work the same as an energy drink. It provides a gradual increase of energy and vitality after regular use. Some people notice a difference after just a few days, but most people will notice it after a month or so.

It is also much healthier for you than an energy drink because pollen supplements do not contain all the caffeine and sugar that stimulant based drinks contain.

Many health food experts call this amazing natural substance a super food because of all the vitamins, minerals and nutrients it contains.

What if you are allergic to bees or bee products? It would be advisable to consult with your physician before taking this supplement. Some people have serious allergies to bee venom. Pollen is not actually made by the bees but it does contain some bee saliva along with nectar as well. If you have severe allergies then it is better to be safe than sorry.

Know Where Your Bee Pollen Supplements Come From

Some people think that just any old pollen supplement will do. This is not true at all. The quality will depend on where it’s harvested from. You see, pollen is very susceptible to air borne pollutants. So, it is vital to make sure that your supplement uses the purest and safest pollen available.

We have found that the best pollen supplements come from New Zealand due to the purity of the land and air on this small island in the South West Pacific Ocean. Why not try bee pollen for night sweats today!

When buying certain products you need to be an eductated consumer, as you know, not all omega 3 supplements are the same in regards to purity or qualtiy.

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