Diet For GERD, Diet Acid Reflux

Diet for GERD highly recommended for the GERD patients who want to undergo weight loss plan. However, to go on a diet for gerd is not easy. Because people have problems with the digestive tract which causes bloating, pain in the gut and some complaints. And the cause of all the complaints it was excess stomach acid.


You can still the fitness to do the weight loss plan.

Increased production of the stomach acid is when the body requires food intake. So how to cope with this diet so that it could apply to all people with GERD? For that I will write the natural diet for gerd, and how do we minimize the use of drugs, because you must be aware of the side effects that caused by the drug to the stomach.

There are many circulating free drugs in the market to reduce this stomach acid; but this is only work for temporary cure GERD. To reduce discomfort in their bellies, people often drink milk and yoghurt. It would be encouraging increased production of stomach acid them.

If the production of stomach acid is happening constantly in the gut, it will irritate the mucosal lining of the stomach. So that the stomach will feel nauseous and sore, this is what causes us to fail on a diet.

GERD also knows at the public as heartburn. Diet for gerd according to the health experts say is the diet plan for sufferer’s gerd or acid reflux. This diet plan is useful for reducing the pain suffered by the patient when undergoing weight loss plan. Diet for gerd designed to deal with acid reflux imbalances in patient body.


Avoid fatty foods to do weight loss.

In this case, the principle diet for GED to lose weight is the same, even though we suffer GERD. You should still eat by consuming the less fat and should be doing exercise regularly. Arrange your meal interval because this is the most principle diet for gerd to weight loss. Do not let your stomach empty for too long though only three hours but eat in small portions only. It is also able to reduce the cost in your weight loss program as well as gerd healing treatment that you suffered.

Use moderation in the diet so that the results are good. If the target you want to achieve today’s success, then the chase for the second target. So do all at once because there are three targets that emotion to accomplish in the future.
Do not be too excessive doing this diet for gerd, remember this is not extreme weight loss then do it gradually.

Start with small portions that are important to try to restore the pH balance in your stomach. But make sure that you chew your food to perfection; this is not so useful for stomach produces too much acid to digest your food more. I think twenty minutes will give the flexibility for you to eat.

And after you finish eating try not to lie, let your body digest food finished first. Use your time to relax a little with fruits that are not acidic as a dessert, drinking tea without sugar or nonfat milk without sugar. You may add snacks that do not contain fat because you are on a diet for gerd to your weight loss.

What should you eat when you diet for GERD?


Potatoes are good source of the carbohydrates, and it will be provide sense of fullness of time.

If you are on a diet for gerd, identify foods that do not cause pain in the stomach but have a good source of carbohydrates that can give a sense of satiety for a long time. For example you can eat mashed potatoes because potatoes can neutralize stomach acid in your body to stay healthy.

Beside the carbohydrates; you must to add the fruits that contain potassium such as tomatoes, papaya and melon, when you are doing diet for gerd. The fruits that contain potassium are very useful to balance the pH in your stomach. You can add the fruits that rich of potassium; such as ripe bananas that can give a sense of satiety are very good if consumed in between meals. Because potassium that contain in banana helps to normalize blood pressure due to stress attack.

Chicken porridge is also very good for your consumption while you diet for gerd. It is very useful to prevent and relieve the pain; for people who have the acute heartburn in the body. And for the vegetables you should be eat the broccoli. Broccoli is rich of the vitamin C which is very good to your stamina. Broccoli is also a source of potassium and sulfur. This is act as the antioxidants as well as a protective lining in the stomach skin.

Heartburn usually will attack us at a time of increased stress and irregular food intake in our lives. Hopefully; this article will be useful for you to do undergoing weight loss program with the diet for GERD.