Engaged In the Quest to Finding a Cure

When cells of the prostate start growing without control, a person is said to be suffering from prostate cancer which, if caught and treated early, can be cured in a great majority of cases. A person that has been diagnosed with prostate cancer may experience life-altering conditions and, would need to make some important decisions regarding the treatment because it affects not only the person but, also family members. The Prostate Cancer Foundation, formerly known as CapCure is the largest philanthropic source in the world that supports prostate cancer research and, its main goal is to find better treatments as well as a cure for persistent prostate cancer. The Prostate Cancer Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization and, it reaches out to individuals, corporations as well as others to garner all of the resources required are they financial and human in order to fight prostate cancer.

Largest Philanthropic Source in the World

The Prostate Cancer Foundation came into existence in 1993 and, has since that time, raised over two hundred million dollars as well as funded over a thousand researchers at various worldwide locations. In addition, it is easy to get a grant from them which help in promoting more scientific research and, it is a proponent for higher awareness of this deadly disease as well as obtaining increased government resources. The Prostate Cancer Foundation’s Scientific Retreat is a place where the best cancer researchers, physicians as well as government officials and also others gather to discuss new developments as well as remove impediments to cancer research progress. The Prostate Cancer Foundation has a number of discoveries to its name and, has certainly attained a lot of success towards attaining their mission goals but, there is plenty more that needs to be done.

Some of its notable achievements are the discovery of key treatments that includes PSMA monoclonal antibodies as well as the drugs Atrasentan, Velcade and Zometa. It has also developed vaccines, gene therapy approaches to eliminate prostate cancer and identified genetic changes that could cause prostate cancer and lead to the cells becoming cancerous. In addition, there are a lot more noteworthy achievements that can be attributed to the Prostate Cancer Foundation.

Money that the Prostate Cancer Foundation receives goes into funding promising research that will lead to better treatment as well as find a cure for prostate cancer. The foundation has a number of luminous researchers whose efforts in finding better treatment as well as a cure are ongoing with greatest intensity. Without an institution such as the Prostate Cancer Foundation, the world would be a sorrier place and, thanks to their continued quest to release the world from prostate cancer, there is continuing optimism that this would someday become a reality.