Eyes being the most important of our sense organs, occupy a special seat in every actions performed by us in our day-to-day lives. Therefore, it is a necessary for all of us to keep our eyes safe, clean, healthy.

Some of the measures by which we can maintain our eyes are by performing eye health evaluations, communications and educations, on a regular basis. Likewise, we do also need to know about certain common yet poignant eye diseases, so that we can protect our eyes better and can also take preventive measures if we are suffering from any of these eye diseases.

List of Common Eye Disorders

Blepharitis: One of the most common eye diseases is blepharitis condition caused by bacteria. Such condition does initiate since childhood and continues till adulthood as well. Caused by the build-up of naturally occurring bacteria, it results in the redness of eyelid margins, flaking of eye lashes, loss of eye lashes, eye lid scarring and red eye. Such condition can be cured up by deploying anti-biotic drops or ointments. Interestingly enough, the use of artificial tears may also prove to be relieving the associated discomfort of dryness in the eye due to this situation.

Cataracts: Not a disease really, cataract is an obvious eye problem since we all get older. Such a problem do generally occur when the protein, one of the lead components of the eye lens, gets clumped, thus, blocking the light getting through the eye lens and making the eye lens to appear cloudy. This cloudiness of the eye lens is termed as cataract. A person with cataracts may notice faded colors, or may be having problems with too bright halos or headlights; or may be having poor night vision. Surgery is required to make a patient suffering from cataract back to his/her life. With today’s modern technologies and advanced surgical techniques, most patients suffering from cataract find their post-surgical vision to be very clear at distance, even without taking the help of the glasses.

Conjunctivitis: Popularly known as ‘Pink eyes’, conjunctivitis is the redness of the eye, which is often accompanied by a discharge and itching; or a foreign body sensation. Often caused by viral infection, it may also be caused by bacteria or an allergic reaction. However, viral and bacterial pink eye can be highly contagious. As it is predominantly an infectious eye disease, yet some hygiene steps reducing the chances of infection should be performed for getting rid of this problem. Moreover, anti-biotic eye drops and ointments shall also be useful for treating this problem.

Glaucoma: Glaucoma is generally caused by too much fluid pressure inside eye which by the meantime increasing intraocular pressure of eye, damages optic nerve and thus, gradually tends to a gradual loss in peripheral vision. Advanced glaucoma patients develop tunnel vision which eventually causes blindness. Heredity, although seeming to be a risk factor in this disease, yet persons suffering or had suffered from an eye injury in the or since the past, are prone to a greater chance of developing glaucoma. Treatments may include prescriptive eye drops, laser treatment or other surgeries.

List of Rare Eye Disorders

Dry Eye Syndrome: Dry eye syndrome caused by a dearth or of poor quality tears. Itching, irritation, burning, excessive tearing, redness, blurred vision, untimely blinking and discomfort of the eyes after being involved in some long during jobs may serve as the symptoms. Along with these, environmental conditions like, dry, hot or windy climates, high altitudes, air-conditioned rooms, cigarette smoking, etc. may attribute towards this disorder. Elderly people, people with dry skin or those who use contact lens are prone to this disease. Certain medicative periods like, thyroids, deficiency in Vitamin A or menopause in women may also lead to this disease.

Macular Degeneration: Damage to macula leads to macular degeneration. Numerous uncontrollable factors like, age, color, sex, farsightedness, race; along with certain controllable factors like, smoking, high blood pressure, exposure to sunlight, diet cause this disorder. The most common symptom is blurred vision. Photo Dynamic Theory, besides, controlling of the controllable factors talked before may form as the treatment towards this disease.

Diabetic Retinopathy: A heamorrhage in the new vessel of a human eye, thus, leading to an eventual blurred vision or blindness can also cause the disease of diabetic retinopathy. Sudden loss of vision and blurred or darkened vision are its symptoms. People suffering from glaucoma and diabetes are prone to this disease.

Retinal Detachment: Retina, if separated from back wall of eye, may causes retinal detachment. Sudden defects in vision, sudden increase in “floaters” and flshes of light act as its symptoms. Very near-sighted people, elderly people and diabetic people tend to grow this disease faster in comparison to other people.

List of Eye Diseases

Age-Related Macular Degeneration

Amblyopia (Lazy Eye)



Bacterial Keratitis





Diabetic Retinopathy

Dry Eye Syndrome



Low Vision

Macular Hole



Retinal Detachment

Stargardt Disease



Usher Syndrome