Heartburn Relief; Quick Natural Remedies

Heartburn reliefcan come in many forms including proton pump inhibitors, antacid tablets or capsules, chewable antacids and of course, natural  heartburn remediesthat mother nature provided herself. The arguments for naturalheartburn remediesyou can make in your own home are many. Cost, long term effectiveness, health benefits and easy accessibility are just some of the few reasons you may want to consider thesehome remedies for heartburn.

There are many knownhome remedies for heartburnand their effectiveness in providing quickheartburn reliefvaries. This is due to a number of factors with the greatest factor being individual sensitivities and tolerances to certain foods. I will list some naturalheartburn remedieswhich you can try and evaluate for yourself.

Quick remedies for heartburn relief.

1. Lemon Juice – A glass of freshly squeezed lemon juice diluted in cold water works wonders at stopping heartburn. The issue with lemon juice is that because it’s so harshly flavoured, some people are naturally sensitive to it and experience the opposite (increased heartburn) if they drink it. The same story applies here. Try the lemon juice and see if it agrees with you. Lemons are cheap and highly nutritious so they are greatheartburn remedies .

2. Milk – A glass of milk after a meal is a proven way to provide quickheartburn relief. Not only does milk taste great (whole milk), it’s packed with vital nutrients which are good for your bones and your teeth. Some studies have shown milk to protect against memory loss! And to think you get all that from simply trying to get rid of heartburn! Try milk for yourself next time the heartburn plagues you and see what happens!

3. Red Apples – By far my favourite of all fruits, red apples are very effective in providing much neededheartburn relief. As a matter of fact, they are so effective that of all theacid reflux remedies, I have chosen them to be a permanent staple in my diet. I’ve been mostly heartburn free for about a year.

Acid Reflux Remedies; Why you should switch to these.

Have you ever looked at the small print on the tiny sheet of paper that accompanies that ‘life saving’ pack of antacids you carry with you daily? Try reading it. It has a list of all the side effects you can experience from relying on antacids forheartburn relief. Some of the side effects are kidney stones, cardiovascular and neurological complications, milk-alkali syndrome (can be fatal) and diarrhoea!

All this can be avoided by switching to natural remedies forheartburn relief. Not only do they provide the heartburn relief you seek, but they are nutritious foods in their own right. They are also cheaper than over the counter heartburn remedies and unlike the pharmaceutical heartburn remedies, they can be used as a long termheartburn reliefsolution.

In conclusion, you should never rely on over the counter medicine forheartburn relief. Natural methods can be just as effective. Bear in mind though that if your heartburn is serious, then medical help is what you should seek. However, that doesn’t mean you cannot try these natural remedies and see whether or not they provide you with the same level ofheartburn reliefyou get from pharmaceutical drugs.