Reduce Your Risk of Heart Dissease – Eight Benefits of Eating Saturated Fat

If you would like to reduce your risk of heart disease,you would do well to consider the benefits of eating saturated fats. Getting sufficient amounts of saturated fat in your diet will help you to avoid the ‘bugs’ and the flu’s that go around, and reduce your risk of heart disease,diabetes,osteoporosis, and cancer. Let’s take a look at some of them.


Saturated fat is what your heart is encased in! It thrives on it! Contrary to popular opinion, saturated fat has proven in studies that it lowers a ‘bad’ cholesterol in your body known as Lp(a), while raising the levels of good HDL cholesterol.

Researchers in Canada found that replacing saturated fat with unsaturated fat in the diets of animals caused heart lesions.

When saturated fat was fed, there was NO tissue damage.

In Sri Lanka, where residents consume an average of about 120 coconuts a year, their death rate due to heart disease is the lowest in the world – estimated to be 1/100,000. Compare that to people in America who eat virtually no coconut oil (saturated fat) and nearly 1 out of 2 deaths is heart related.

In 1948 a study in Framingham, MA was begun to research heart health, and is still ongoing. In 1992, Dr. William Castelli reported: “In Framingham,Massachusetts…the people who ate the most saturated fat, ate the most calories, weighed the least and were the most physically active.”


As I mentioned in an earlier article, our cell walls are composed of approximately 50% saturated fat – or at least they’re supposed to. When the proper amount of saturated fat is present, the cell walls are able maintain their firmness, thereby protecting our cells from virus attacks.

On the flip side of that coin, saturated fat also destroys the cell walls of many harmful microorganisms, including virus, bacteria, fungi and parasites. They do this by merely dissolving the cell walls of the invaders, without causing any harmful side effects.

Caprylic acid, found in coconut oil, has been shown to be effective in fighting candida, and lauric acid, found in breast milk and coconut oil, has proven effective in destroying the HIV virus.


Effective assimilation of calcium into the bone requires saturated fat. According to Dr. Mary Enig, one of the foremost research experts in dietary fats and human health, at least 50% of a person’s daily intake of fat should be saturated for this reason.