The Baduanjin or brocade was discovered 800 years ago by the Chinese people.

Baduanjin has greatly impacted the World of Medicine. Baduanjin is a movement that can be done standing or sitting. Each position targets different areas of the body.

Before Beginning, stand with width apart and hands down to your sides relaxing. Work on being focused and naturally breathing.


Drawing the Bow to shoot the Hawk

This Baduanjin movement works the lungs and liver. To begin the lower body must be in a Horse Stance while mimicking the drawing of a bow. After drawing the bow on one side switch to the other. The left side helps raise the Qi to the liver, the right side sinks the QI in the lungs.

The movement is executed by extending the chest cavity, stretching out the arms and turning the head.

As you practice this movement you will:

Expand your Rib cage

Increase elasticity in the shoulders and neck

Increased blood circulation

Raise Hands on Each Side to adjust the Spleen and Stomach

This Baduanjin movement adjusts the Spleen and Stomach. The Chinese believed that the Spleen and stomach could not remain healthy on their own accord.

To do this movement raise one hand while pressing down with the other hand. Alternate between each side, this is create a massaging effect through out the stomach and spleen. The key purpose of this movement is to adjust and regulate the spleen and the stomach.

Turn Head Back to Help Prevent Diseases and Injuries

This Baduanjin Movement is helps prevent the 5 Damages. Chinese medicine believed that if you look for too long it will hurt your blood; sit for too long and you will hurt your muscles. Walking for too long will hurt your tendons, stand for too long and you will hurt your muscles.

To do this movement simply turn your head and focus your eyes on your back. Next is the the rotation of the arms, the arm has six meridians this movement will help the yin and yang in these meridians.