Treating Your Cancer with Prostate Cancer Medication

If you are diagnosed with prostate cancer, your options are definitely not limited. If you want to treat your cancer as much as you can, then the best solution would be to take prostate cancer medication along with your radiation treatment, if that is what you are doing as well. If you are going through radiation to help kill the cancerous cells located within your prostate and/or the surrounding areas, then you will also want to take hormone therapy to suppress the production of PSA (prostate specific antigen). PSA is what produces the testosterone hormone with the prostate, and could be a major factor contributing to the prostate cancer. The side effects of this type of prostate cancer medication include changes in mood, hot flashes, diarrhea, and muscle weakness.


Advances in science and medication have found that certain types of chemotherapy have proven to be an effective prostate cancer medication that will prevent the growth and spread of cancer cells. It has been seen in most advanced cancer patients that chemotherapy has increased their survival rate by 2.5 months to several years. Side effects of chemotherapy include nausea, possible hair loss and weakness.

Radiation as a Supplement

Most physicians will recommend that along with hormone therapy, or chemotherapy, radiation treatment should be administered first, followed by prostate cancer medication. Depending upon the severity of the prostate cancer, if is it at its earliest stages, then radioactive pills (Brachytherapy) will be implanted in the prostate, emitting radioactive waves that will kill the surrounding cancer cells. The other type of radiation treatment is external treatment in which high energy x-rays will be emitted onto the areas of the body where the cancer has spread to.

Depending upon the situation, prostate cancer medication is used to prevent the growth of cancer cells. Often enough, even if the cancer is located just within the prostate gland, the physician will recommend that the prostate be removed, and that radiation treatment as well as medication be taken to ensure that the cancer be killed, and not divide and grow within the body. As prostate cancer is one of the slowest to metastasize, with enough treatment, the overall chances of survival are very high. Always be sure that you have a support system to help you with whatever treatment you choose. This is very important, as you will be more tired than you have ever been. It is always a good thing to have someone to lean on in your time of need.