Types Of Fertility Treatment

Infertility and subfertility is a disheartening dilemma which is a major reason through which most marriages suffer. Subfertility can be defined as any kind of reduced ability of the couple who, despite trying and taking the necessary steps to conceive, is not able to, over a long period of time.

This is generally because one individual has a reduced ability to effect fertilization enough to conceive. Sub fertility on the other hand is the inability to conceive or carry a baby to a full term, live birth or to be able to conceive at all. When there is a situation such as this medical intervention to assist in conception is a common consideration among most couples today. Treatment options like acupuncture for fertility, surgical procedures among others like IVF.

Treatment Options

Initial Test

The initial test is usually to test the couple to find the source of the issue. Typically that will mean examining the couples’ hormone levels and sperm count of the sperm count. They will also test all these factors against your age and medical history and will be able to tell you what percentage of a success you could expect or what treatment will suit you best. They will also initiate a fallopian tube function test to determine if that could be the reason. Most of these test range over a number of months and cost quite an amount and conception is not guaranteed from any of these methods.


Medicines for unexplained fertility which is when the cause of the infertility cannot be found are usually approached in a series of ways. Methods ranging from acupuncture for fertility to oral medication to artificial insemination depending on the problem they have uncovered with the tests.


Surgical procedures, hormone injections and artificial insemination are a few commonly used methods of treatment  in this arena. Surgical procedures to clear fallopian tubes or laparoscopic surgery to remove unwanted tissue which could cause blockage in the tubes and get in the way of a successful conception.

The hormone treatment is generally injected into the system which will stimulate the ovaries to produce more eggs which in turn increases the chance of conception by a great percentage.

Artificial insemination is used to cure infertility in both men and women alike. This process includes injecting the sperm directly into the women’s cervix to ensure that there is a higher chance of conception.

Before considering which line of medication to take it is vital that you check with your Gynaecologist what course of treatment will be most effective depending on the tests you run.